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Dirk Ahlborn

Dirk Ahlborn is the CEO and co-founder of JumpStartFund, an online crowdsourcing platform for entrepreneurial projects. He is also the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a project initiated by Elon Musk and incubated using JumpstartFund’s crowd collaboration process. Dirk Ahlborn started his career in 1993 as an investment specialist in Berlin, Germany. After moving to Italy in 1997, he founded several companies in the alternative energy and interior design space. In 2006, he successfully sold one of these companies to a global alternative energy conglomerate. Since 2009, he is a part of the Girvan Institute of Technology a non-profit business incubator for start-up tech companies. He co-founded and became CEO of Jumpstarter in 2013, the company that developed the crowdsourcing platform JumpStartFund.

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